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If you’re aiming to get the best value with your roof financing, finalize the deal swiftly to meet your deadlines, or simply want to navigate this process smoothly and maintain your calm, then you’re in the right place. This might just be the most important information you encounter today!

Here's Just the Beginning of What You Get with Truett Roofing

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Enjoy long-lasting peace of mind knowing that our work on your roof is guaranteed for life.

► Feel confident that with Truett Roofing’s workmanship warranty, you’re always covered.

Certified Expertise

Experience the assurance that comes with having Certified Shingle Masters, Mule-Hide and Tamko Certified specialists handle your roofing concerns.

► Relish in the top-tier skills that our certifications represent, ensuring your roof is in expert hands.

Kansas Weather Proofing

Embrace the relief of knowing your roof is fortified against Kansas’s extreme weather, from thunderstorms to tornadoes.

► Sit back and relax, understanding your home or business is secure through the seasons with our weather-resilient roofing solutions.

Flexible Financing Options

Delight in a variety of roof financing options that allow for top-quality roofing without financial strain.

► Dive into a financial plan that’s molded to match your budget, offering you the perfect financing fit for your roof.

Speedy Service

Enjoy the swift transformation of your roof with our efficient process, from initial consultation to final installation.

► Feel the satisfaction of seeing your roofing project completed in no time, without cutting corners on quality.

Comprehensive Roof Assessments

Benefit from our meticulous roof examinations that lay the groundwork for solid roofing financing decisions.

► Revel in the personalized approach we take to evaluate your roofing needs, ensuring you get the right solution.

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Here's How and Why Truett Roofing Can Keep This Promise

With more than three decades of committed service, Truett Roofing emerges as a guiding light amidst adversity. Our extensive experience in the roofing sector, coupled with a substantial roster of contented clients, attests to our proficiency and unwavering dedication to superior quality.

As certified Certainteed Shingle Masters and an accredited company with Mule Hide Tamko, we bring forth a wealth of expertise and a resolute work ethic to every endeavor.

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I’m thrilled to present to you our Roof Financing Service at Truett Roofing, which empowers you to enjoy all of these benefits and a whole lot more!


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Every day you wait is a day your property remains vulnerable to the unpredictable Kansas climate. Act swiftly and get your roofing needs not just met but exceeded with Truett Roofing!